Shopware E-commerce Platform

Shopware E-commerce Platform

Shopware is an International E-commerce Platform, which offers an Open Source programming framework with endless flexibility. This no-limit architecture perfectly matches our methodology and way of building High-Performing E-commerce Stores.

Founded in 2000

Since Shopware was founded in 2000, it has grown into a renowned E-commerce Platform, with achievements such as:

Being a German market leader with a 28% market share.

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Being a part of the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.

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Rewarded 6 times in a row for being one of the fastest growing technology companies.

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We are a Shopware partner

The Shopware E-commerce Platform only can be bought through approved Shopware Partners. This ensures that your company:

  • Is qualified to match the Shopware Platform
  • Gets an efficient, qualified and scalable implementation
  • Has access to first-in-line support (SLA)

Out of the box capabilities

The Shopware E-commerce Platform offers a series of out-of-the box capabilities such as:

  • Content Management System
  • Product Information Management
  • Order Management System
  • Channel Management

Full flexibility

The out-of-the box capabilities furthermore can be combined with a vast amount of features that insure full flexibility across all markets, touchpoints and channels:

Tailored to your target groups.

Multiple warehouses and inventories.

Payment in local currencies.

Centrally operated in one environment.

Connect to any sales channel.

Integrate with a multiple number of shipping providers.

In your customer’s native language. 

To each customer group and strategy.

More than 3,000 extensions

On top of this, Shopware offers more than 3,000 extensions to the Shopware store, such as:

A vast amount of payment methods for your line of business.

A variety of shopping methods within B2C, B2B and D2C industries. 

Ensures more visibility and better rakings.

Quick Price Change
Raise and lower prices, dynamic product groups, etc.

Mass Actions
Import and export products and orders, based on mass actions.

Google Tag Manager
Easy Google Tag Manager integration, Google Ads, etc.

Automation and flows

In order to make your processes as lean as possible, the Shopware E-commerce Platform includes a number of efficient automation and flow process tools:

Flow Builder
Helps you automate a multiple number of complex processes, based on no-code principles.

Rule Builder
Allows you to create rules in order seamlessly to customize prices, shipping, content, etc.

Dynamic Access
Makes it possible to personalize features and content to different target groups.

A platform for many business models

The Shopware Platform can be tailored to meet your exact business requirements within these business models: B2C, B2B and D2C.

Helps you achieve your business goals

We have ensured that the The Shopware Platform complies with all the business goals we help you achieve when implementing the platform:

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