Headless E-commerce

Get a new E-commerce Storefront

If you are satisfied with your current E-commerce setup with regards to your Order Management System, Warehouse Management, PIM, Customer Database, etc.; however, you are not able to build the E-commerce storefront you wish for, Headless E-commerce may be the answer.

We build a best practice Customer Experience

With a CustomerScale Headless E-commerce Storefront, you get all the same benefits as you do with our CustomerScale E-commerce Platform; however, without changing your E-commerce Platform:

  • Proven E-commerce Templates (CRO)
  • High-end Search
  • Personalization (Up- and Cross selling)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • A super fast site (Page Load Optimization)
  • Scalability with no limits
  • A strong and flexible Content Management System (CMS)

Headless Integration

We build all parts of your E-commerce Storefront and carry out a Headless Integration, where we exchange orders and customer data with your current E-commerce Platform.

The CustomerScale E-commerce storefront furthermore is integrated with a best practice personalization tool and a search engine:

Headless e-commerce

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