Customer Retention Optimization

We help you retain customers

Once you have attracted qualified traffic and converted this traffic into customers, the best long-term investment is to make them loyal and returning customers.

The value of retaining customers

The below graph very well illustrates the commercial value of making your customers return to buy more.

The value of retaining customers

How we help you retain customers

Establishing a business setup that effectively retains customers, requires a skillset across a number of different onsite and offsite disciplines. Below are the ones we can help you implement: 

  • Onsite Personalization and Customer Retention
  • Personalized e-mail marketing
  • Creating a “Recommended for you area”
  • Selling more in the customer’s account
  • Save products for later: Favorites and Wish Lists
  • E-mailing shopping carts
  • Subscriptions

Personalized e-mail marketing

One of the Customer Retention tactics we find to be most effective, is sending personalized e-mails to each customer, based on their purchase and shopping history. Today, many E-commerce companies send the same “Newsletter” to all customers, at best segmented by gender and some minor behavioural differences.

These “Newsletters”; however, essentially spam many customers as they do not comply with each customer’s needs. 

The Automated Selling Machine

Based on Prediction — a Personalization technology — we are able to identify which products a customer most likely will buy and when in their Customer Lifecycle the customer most likely will buy them. This allows us automatically to send personalized and thus highly relevant e-mails.

The Customer’s Lifecycle

Based on the Prediction Personalization technology, we are able to send a personalized e-mail to each customer at the right point of time in each Customer’s shopping lifecycle.

Predict shopping behaviour

The Personalized E-mail

The most relevant “Feature product” is highlighted at the top of the e-mail and other relevant products are displayed below.

Personalized E-mail

Links to your Recommendations

All products in the personalized e-mail links to a ”Your Recommendations” are in your E-commerce store, where the products relevant to a given customer is gathered.

Links to your Recommendations

Your Recommendations

All products personalized to each customer is gathered in a “Your Recommendations” area within your E-commerce Store.

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