The future is personalized

E-commerce stores that are able to recognize each customer’s indidual needs – both in real time and in the future – convert better than standardized E-commerce stores. In CustomerScale we have more than 15 years of experience personalizing all parts of the customers shopping experience.

How it works

Personalization tools such as Raptor Services and Rich Relevance identify other customers whose shopping behaviour matches the customer. Based on this knowledge, the personalization tool is able to carry out personalized product recommendations.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalize your E-commerce store

We can help you getting started with personalization or maximizing your current personalization setup with up- and cross selling, across features such as:

  • Search
  • Product Categories
  • Product Pages
  • Adding to Cart
  • Shopping Cart
  • Personalized E-mails (aftersales)
  • A personalized “My store” customer area

Retain customers

Based on a personalized E-commerce store and customer communication, you both are able to convert more visitors into traffic (Customer Conversion Rate) and to retain existing customers (Customer Retention Rate) by predicting their purchase behaviour. 

Predict shopping behaviour

Today’s personalization tools are able to predict each customer’s shopping behavior, based on the customer’s shopping and browsing history. This makes it possible to send automated and personalized and highly converting e-mails with product recommendations at the right point in time.

Predict shopping behaviour

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