Interaction design

We combine design and usability

When you design an E-commerce store it is essential that the design both looks good and that the E-commerce store is easy to use, in order to convert visitors into buyers.

Interaction design

In order to design highly converting E-commerce stores, we combine usability and design in order to both make your E-commerce look good and easy to use.

Interaction design

Design based on prototypes

In CustomerScale all design is based on High-Fidelity (detailed) prototypes which a built by our CRO specialist and approved by the client, our CTO and SEO Expert. In the prototype all usability, technical, business and SEO aspects are considered, due to which the designer essentially creates a good looking design on top of the prototype templates.

Our Interaction Design process thus looks like this:

  1. We built a detailed prototype outlining your E-commerce store
  2. The protype is approved by you and our team of experts
  3. The designer creates a design based on the prototype templates
  4. The design is approved by you and our team of experts
  5. The design is implemented into your store

Team of Interaction Designers

We work together with a team of Interaction Designers who all a familiar with our Interaction Design process. Due to this, we are able to select the designer best suited to design your E-commerce store.

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