Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We convert visitors into buyers

Attracting qualified traffic / visitors is expensive, whether this traffic is based on a long-term SEO effort or paid traffic. At CustomerScale we are specialists at converting as much traffic as possible into paying and returning customers.

Attracting visitors is expensive

The calculated below example illustrates, that it costs $120 to attract 1 new customer, based on a 2.5% Conversion Rate and a Google Ad click cost at $3.

Attracting visitors is expensive

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has a high ROI

Even small increases in the Customer Conversion Rate has a high impact on your revenue. Investing in CRO therefore often has a high Return On Investment (ROI), as illustrated by the below example:

A 0.35% increase amounts to $636.365

This example illustrates, how a even a minor 0.35% Conversion Rate increase amounts to a $ 636.365 revenue increase. 

CRO has a high ROI

Proper data is the key to CRO success

In order to analyze and thus understand your customers’ behavior, it is important to combine Qualitative and Quantitative data.

By doing so, you both will understand What your customers are doing and Why they are doing it:

What = Quantitative data
This type of data is collected based on numbers and numeric values from online tracking data, A/B Split Tests, Heat Maps, etc.

Why = Qualitative data
This type of data e.g., is collected through methods of observing customers interact with your products, E-commerce store, etc. through User Tests:

We connect the data dots

By working both with Qualitative and Quantitative Data we are razor sharp at connecting the (red) data dots in order to locate both where the conversion problems are and why they are there:

We connect the data dots

You need both types of data

When building or optimizing E-commerce stores, many companies make the mistake of basing their process on Quantitative data only — such as A/B Split Tests — where you test two different features, pages, etc. up against each other for a certain period.

However; by doing so, you may locate Where there are some issues, but you will never understand Why

As our Co-Founder Benjamin Gundgaard explains:

“You can spend your entire professional life doing A/B Split tests without ever locating a single Conversion Killer (an issue that keeps your customer from buying your products / services). 

Or you can run a User Test and in 1 day locate 5-10 Conversion Killers + 20 to 80 other serious conversion issues”.

You must understand What your customers do and Why they do or do not do it in order to create a focused and lasting impact.

Our CRO process maximizes your revenue

We have created a highly effective CRO process, based on 18 years of experience and more than 250 User Test and 100+ E-commerce optimization projects.

Our process ensures that we located the conversion problems and fix them. The process is based on these 8 steps:  

  1. We user-test your current E-commerce store
  2. We prioritize the 30 to 100 Conversion issues we locate
  3. We locate Qualitative and Quantitative data clusters
  4. We improve your E-commerce store (prototyping, design, etc.)
  5. We user test the improved store before launching it
  6. We fix final issues located in the user test
  7. We quality assure and launch your optimized E-commerce store
  8. We run A/B Split Tests (if needed).

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