CustomerScale E-commerce Platform

Our award-winning E-commerce Platform

CustomerScale is our High-Performing & Award-Winning E-commerce Platform built based on more than 20+ years successful E-commerce knowledge and experience.

Proven E-commerce Templates

The CustomerScale E-commerce Platform is designed and programmed (in PHP) based on well-tested and commercially proven E-commerce templates to all parts of your E-commerce Store, uniquely designed by E-commerce Expert Benjamin Gundgaard who has consulted clients such as LEGO, IKEA, GE, eBay, Santander, and many more.

All his Best of Breed knowledge from more than 250 Conversion Killer Test, his #1 International Bestseller — Smartphone E-commerce — and templates from the CustomerSense Academy, meticulously have been implemented into all parts of the CustomerScale E-commerce Platform.


To match your company’s system setup, The CustomerScale E-commerce Platform naturally can be integrated with your:

  • PIM system 
  • Economy system 
  • Delivery system 
  • Order Management System 
  • Warehouse Management System 
  • Payment provider
  • Social Media 
  • Etc.
CustomerScale E-commerce Platform.

MAXIMIZE your online sales

The E-commerce templates build into in the CustomerScale Platform have helped our clients consistently increase their Customer Conversion and Customer Retention rates in the range of 15% to 300%.

Build to scale with no limits

The CustomerScale E-commerce Platform is especially suitable for Mid-Tier and High-End E-commerce stores growing out of the limitations in their current E-commerce Platform.

The core of the CustomerScale Platform can be tailored and optimized specifically to your needs with no limits. This means that you can grow and scale your E-commerce Business without the limits you encounter in your current E-commerce platform.

Search and Personalization

In the CustomerScale Platform we have implemented one of the best search engines and we are able to integrate all types of Personalization Engines. This gives us the flexibility needed to design personalized Customer Experiences at a high international level across search, filtering, navigation, product lists, product pages, add to cart, checkout, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an important part of E-commerce; however, it is the Achilles heal of many E-commerce Platforms. To ensure fast load times and the best possible organic search engine rankings, we have structured CustomerScale based on an intelligent cache and load structure. This ensures super fast load times, which is a core Customer Experience and Search Engine ranking factor.

Responsive and Adaptive Design

When designing a high-performing E-commerce store, it is essential that the platform performs seamlessly across all devices: Smartphones, Phablets, Tablets and Desktops. The CustomerScale Platform thus is designed and programmed based on both best practice responsive and adaptive (mobile optimized) design principles.

Content Management System (CMS)

The core of CustomerScale is based on a high-end Open Source CMS (WordPress) which allows you to manage content, images, etc. with no limits. The CMS is easy to use and it does not require tech skills to manage, which creates a fast learning curve for all members of your organization.


We live in a global world which makes it business critical that you are able to launch your E-commerce Platform in any country. Due to this, we have ensured that the CustomerScale Platform handles all types of VAT, languages and currencies.

High-Performing Business Factors

When programming the CustomerScale E-commerce Platform, we have had a set of Key Business Factors in mind, which ensure that the platform provides you with:

  • High Customer Conversion- & Retention Rates
  • Maximized order sizes 
  • Top SEO Rankings
  • Best of Breed Customer Experiences across all devices
  • Super-Fast Load Times

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