We create results, based on a proven methodology

In order to create strong business results in the E-commerce industry, you need a proven methodology to meet and surpass your customers’ expectations and needs.

Our 10 Step process combines skills

Building successful E-commerce stores requires many skills across business, personalization, design, usability, technology, etc. that must be properly combined in order to create a good and targeted Customer Experience.

Below is an outline of the process on which we build and optimize E-commerce stores:

  1. We user-test your current E-commerce store
  2. We analyze Qualitative and Quantitative data
  3. We create a realistic Business Case
  4. We write a Demand Specification
  5. We prototype and design your new E-commerce store
  6. We write a Functional Specification
  7. We program your E-commerce store
  8. We integrate your E-commerce store with other systems (API)
  9. We test and Quality Assure your E-commerce store
  10. We launch your new E-commerce store

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