Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your Google rankings are important

How you rank in Google highly influences how much organic traffic you attract to your E-commerce store and thus how high your revenue is.

The commercial value of page rankings

The below illustration from a Search Engine Journal outlines how much your CTR (Click Trough Rate) varies from ranking 1 to 10.

Include SEO in your marketing strategy

In a marketing landscape where paid traffic has become expensive, it is essential to include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a key part of your marketing strategy. This attracts relevant visitors both now and in the future at a lower costs than most other traffic sources. 

Get more organic traffic

We help you get more organic traffic instead of expensive paid traffic. 

Important SEO ranking factors

Below are some of the key factors that decide how you rank in Google’s search results:

  • Your E-commerce store must be secure (://https) and accessible
  • How fast your store loads (Page Speed Optimization)
  • More Friendliness
  • How old your domain name is, the name of your URL and its authority
  • Relevant content
  • Technical SEO
  • Incoming and outgoing links
  • Your site structure and internal link building
  • Your store’s Customer Experience (Conversion Optimization)
  • Social Signals

Remove technical issues & improve speed

The first think we do when we improve your E-commerce store’s page ranking and SEO is to remove technical issues and to improve your store’s site speed (Page Speed Optimization).

We remove technical issues

Below are examples of some of the technical issues we remove.

Core Web Vitals

Source: Google’s PageSpeed test

Create a keyword & content strategy

Once your technical issues have been removed and your PageSpeed is optimized, we then help you create a strong keyword and content strategy. We do so by analyzing the competitor market space you are in and compare this with your current Google Rankings. 

We match keywords & content

Link building

Now that you have a strong Keyword and Content Strategy, we then help you create a link building strategy that supports this. A proper link building strategy includes both incoming, outgoing and internal links.

We create a link building strategy

Across both incoming, outgoing and internal links.

Link building strategy

Our SEO Process

We help you get better rankings, based on our SEO process.

  1. We analyse your E-commerce store
  2. We write a report outlining all issues
  3. We suggest how to optimize your SEO
  4. We help you implement the technical improvements
  5. We create a Keyword & Content strategy
  6. We create a link building strategy
  7. We help you implement the SEO strategy
  8. We launch, monitor and maintain your SEO

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